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Eddie Yoon-Category Design as a Strategy-How to Craft Industry-Disrupting Offers

Dr. Mythili Kolluru-The Strategic Thinking Wheel-How to Develop a Strategic Mindset in Staff at All Levels

Adrian Morey- Visions Without Implementation Gaps: The Secrets of
Strategy Execution to Realise Transformational Outcomes

Amie Devero-Bring Unlikely Futures to Life-Harness the Hidden Power of Discontinuity

Prof Geci Karuri-Sebina-Futures Literacy for Strategy Implement-Why Top Leaders Use and Teach a New Language for the Future

Dan Bruder-Engagement Using Ai-How Strategic Planning will Be Transformed by Staff Involvement

Francis Wade-EXCERPT-Why Long-Term Strategy Is Not:-…Just a Lengthy Version of Short-Term Planning

Thays Prado-Stories from Your Organization’s Future-Steps to Co-Create Inspiring Messages

A. Cecile Watson-Competent Individuals, Ineffective Boards-Crafting Plans to Improve Board Functioning

Craig Wallace-Radical Democratization-How COVID Led Strategists to Double Staff Inputs and Involvement

Dr. Peter Compo-Getting Unstuck from a Single Strategy-How Close-Up Scenarios Spark Innovation

Eva Tomas Casado-Strategic Metaphors-How to Get Over Strategy Communication Problems

Dr. Riel Miller – Play, Experimentation and Diversity in Strategy – Why Futures Literacy Counteracts Hyper-Urgency