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Kaihan Krippendorf-Fearless Futures-Techniques for Blunt Discussions to Create Strategy

Craig Perue-Reversing Big Strategy Failure-Intervening By Going Beyond Traditional Project Management

Chris Fox-Using NBAs to Trigger Hourly Decisions-How “Next Best Actions” Optimize Employees’ Focus on Strategy

Debilyn Molineaux-Tapping Invisible Values-Bypassing Resistance to a Long-Term Future

Maggie Greyson-Personal Obstacles Which Suppress Retreats-How to Free Groups of People from the Past So They Can Innovate

JT Mudge-Casual vs. Rigorous Futures-How Disciplined Foresight Transforms Strategic Planning

Mathias Behn Bjornhof-Long-Term Planning is Never a Sacrifice-How Using Three Horizons Clarifies and Convinces

Dr. Katindi Sivi-Deep Methods in Strategy-Why Positive Thinking Produces Shallow Futures

David Booth-Instant Skill Transfer by Strategy Consultants-How to be Stronger After Using Outside Help

Barry Eustance-Game-Changing Leadership-Tricks for Implementing Big Vision Strategy

Bill McClain-Waking Up Exercises-How to Prepare Un-Strategic Attendees for Game-Changing Offsites

Mithun A. Sridharan-The Challenge of Long-Term Enterprise Transformation-How to Plan for Complexity and Chaos

Sergio Brodsky-7 Foresight Usability Principles-The Checklist to Guide Strategic Foresight Consultants

Timothy Jaiyeoba – Is the Future Discovered, Created or Reacted To – How Foresight Tools Drive Strategy

Francis Wade-3- The Path to Lofty Visions-Principles for Credible Long-Term Strategic Planning

Francis Wade-2- Beyond BHAGs-Why Strategic, Game-Changing Commitments Fall Apart

Francis Wade-1- Jumping Hurdles-How Leaders Overcome Challenges and Craft Their Long-Term Strategic Plans