Douglas Orane

Douglas Orane, former CEO of Grace Kennedy led the creation of a 25 years strategy in 1995.

In response to severe economic pressure and the unavailability of foreign exchange, their game-changing moves put the company on a new path that changed everything. Come to this session to hear one of the Caribbean’s great transformation stories.

Dr. Richard Rumelt

What passes for strategy in too many businesses, government agencies, and military operations is a toxic mix of wishful thinking and a jumble of incoherent policies. Richard P. Rumelt’s breakthrough concept is that leaders become effective strategists when they focus on challenges rather than goals, pinpointing the crux of their pivotal challenge—the aspect that is both surmountable and promises the greatest progress—and taking decisive, coherent action to overcome it. 

Mariano Browne and Aldo Antonio with Julian Rogers

There are a few current-day strategies which are being implemented that cross the region. They’re intended to give their creators a competitive advantage that leapfrogs them past others…but will they? Come and hear an analysis of the pros and cons from the region’s business news commentators.

Donna Duncan-Scott, Keith Duncan and Diana Morgan-Burgess

Few people know that JMMB created a 30 year strategic plan in 2002.

What led to the formation of the document, what process did they follow and how has it played out in reality? Come to this interactive session to hear more from those who sat down and took a leap of faith…backed by a Vision of Love.