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You belong to an organization that has been impacted by COVID-19, the supply-chain crisis, inflationary recession and more. Focusing on short-term survival has forced you to set long-term planning aside. Keeping the business afloat has been your top priority.

But in the back of your mind, you know that the time will come to turn to the future. Hopefully, this has already happened. Now, you want to inspire your leadership team to create a powerful plan for 2023 that pulls you forward. It should be a game-changer for your company. Innovative and disruptive to your competition. Able to serve your customers at a higher level.

Such a plan would excite all your stakeholders and demonstrate that the old strategic planning has been set aside.

At the Caribbean Strategy Conference in June 2022, we brought together a number of CEO’s, thought leaders and strategy consultants to uncover: “What does a game-changing 2023 strategic plan look like? How should it be put together? What ideas and inspiration are needed?”

The event was outstanding, and original. But the good news is that the discussions led by over 60 Global and Caribbean leaders were all captured on video-tape.

This unique resource is available to you today. Make a commitment, and send a signal to your stakeholders that the old style of strategic planning is a thing of the past. So is the notion that strategy is the CEO’s job…no-one else’s.

Don’t expose your company to a disruption so it becomes the next Blockbuster Video, Barnes & Noble or Kodak. Or Cable & Wireless (Jamaica). Or any Carnival band that preceded Tribe (Trinidad).

Instead, learn how to demand a breakthrough plan from your leaders, regardless of your position. Click below to order your full access replay package.

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