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You’re someone who cares about the power of long-term thinking in organizations. You are aware of the dangers of short-termism, and appreciate how an amazing vision can be achieved by an equally amazing plan.

But in the past few years, we have all become a bit gun-shy.

In the private sector, too many for-profits no longer do long-term planning. Instead, survival is the order of the day as scary disasters accumulate: war, inflation, COVID, supply shocks, recessions, extreme climate events, terrorist attacks, income inequality, and more. The world is said to be “too VUCA” (volatile, Uncertain, complex, ambiguous) to think in terms of long horizons.

In the NGO and public sectors, organizations like the UN have no problem thinking long, and announcing BHAGs (big, hairy audacious, goals). However, they aren’t doing the long-term strategic planning necessary, so many grand targets (like the UN’s 17 SDGs) are floundering.

The overall effect is one you may relate to: some lurch from one fad to another, chasing emergencies. Other set big goals and live in hope that one day they’ll be accomplished.

In the meantime, big challenges like global warming and economic inequity that serve people, planet and profit languish. In for-profits, long-term value is destroyed by short-term decisions.

Register today and start to build a positive bridge to the future. Your company needs one. So does its bottom-line. And also the mission of your non-profit.

With expert help from our global speakers, you can bring solutions to your organization (or nation) that will once again inspire your stakeholders.

These are credible answers to difficult questions, in a world which has become cynical, resigned and filled with despair as big dreams slip out of our grasp. Long-Term Strategic Planning can bring back hope.

My name is Francis Wade, and I have seen such planning make a tangible difference in both for-profit and non-profits organizations. I’m hosting the conference, and I have invited some of the best strategists, planners and facilitators from around the world to share their ideas.

This kind of learning and thinking could make all the difference in your world. Don’t delay your investment.

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Francis Wade

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