Discounted Full Tickets – Replay

The official conference is over, and perhaps you were able to see a few streamed downloadable videos. Maybe you even attended a live session. You are intrigued by your experience, or what you have read/seen and want to examine your options.

But what might they be, exactly, and how does it work? (Any current discounts are listed at the bottom of the page.)

A Full Ticket grants you the rights to view the following, at your leisure, for another 12 months.

Day One Video Downloads and transcripts

Day Two Video Downloads and transcripts

All Live Session Recordings

– Access to the Blueprint for conducting a Long-Term Strategic Planning Retreat

– A one-year subscription to the JumpLeap Newsletter

– Replays from the 2023 Sustainable Strategy Conference

Plus, like anyone else, you’ll be able to join our complimentary online community.

This all adds up to some 50+ hours of unique, expert content from 29 2024 experts and even more from other prior years.

You’ll be engaged in some of the most modern content which has been focused on tackling a complaint CEOs often voice: “I know we should have a game-changing, long-term strategic plan but…”

If you are a strategist, executive, futurist or foresight practitioner don’t miss this special chance to follow discussions intended to address pressing challenges with long-term strategic planning.

So do yourself a favor, and invest in your learning today.

Here are a few excerpts.