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About the Podcast

You understand the power of long-term strategic planning. But lately, you’ve noticed concerning trends.

In some organizations, long-range planning is diminishing or disappearing entirely. Quarterly targets are crowding out 15-30 year visions, especially in for-profits.

Or maybe you are in a non-profit or government agency where long-term visions are being set, but the underlying strategic planning is missing.

In any or all these cases, you have seen the practice of long-term strategic planning dwindling, or lacking the potency it needs to inspire staff, accomplish Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGS) and transform industry.

Here on the podcast, we’ll uncover why long-term strategic thinking matters more than ever. List as experts share insider knowledge on:

  • making the case for performing long-term strategic planning amidst short-term pressures.
  • preparing for upcoming strategic planning efforts which transform industries.
  • work with teams to produce game-changing plans

Expect candid insights from the host, Francis Wade, and guests who have led successful strategic planning projects. You’ll learn frameworks, best practices, and cautionary tales from the trenches.

Plus, you will hear the results of a study being undertaken which covers over two decades’ experience facilitating 15-30-year strategic plans.

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