Ep 11: Season 2 Opener to the JumpLeap Long-Term Strategy Podcast

Your company or organization needs effective long-term strategic planning. That’s your emerging point of view. Why?

Perhaps you think it’s good for the planet. Or maybe you believe it’s the way to permanent competitive advantage. Or long-term value for stakeholders. Or perhaps…you just want a good challenge for some reason, and a desire to move the needle in a sustainable way.

But you have probably noticed that leaders of organizations – for-profit and non-profit alike – have a hard time thinking and planning for the long-term. 

You have some ideas for the reasons why. There’s some stuff you read someplace, plus a YouTube video you saw, plus a few colleagues who share your convictions.

But is that enough?

Tune into this episode as I share the ways this podcast will tackle this wicked problem in this upcoming season.

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Show Notes

The Annual Strategy Planning Trap: How To Stop Fighting Over Budget And Start Focusing On Category Dominance (substack.com)

What are Wicked Problems? | IxDF (interaction-design.org)

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