Welcome to the presenter application page.

Thanks for coming to find out more about speaking or being a panelist at the Long-Term Strategy Conference 2024. The theme is “Transcend Short-Termism | Build Sustainable Value.” At this point, if you haven’t understood the basics of the event, you can read it from the participant’s perspective by checking out these pages: What Is It?, How Does it Work? and Who Should Attend?

You should know that this is a two-day conference on June 20-21st which offers (premium) Full Tickets and (free) Visitor Passes.

But a full understanding of the above may have spurred another question that brings you to this page: “What can I gain as a speaker?”

Your Opportunity

Our team of speakers, presenters and panelists is co-producing a transformative experience for attendees. The typical participant is someone who realizes the value of long-term strategic planning, but…they have challenges and blocks from turning this commitment into reality.

As such, they may be an executive, board member, manager, consultant, change advocate, or fan of strategic planning who creates and/or shares content. they would all say:

“I know we should be doing game-changing, long-term strategic planning, but…”

Conference Attendees

Our goal is ambitious: to get attendees past the “But”. Here are some results we hope to produce with your help. We want participants to leave the event with new capabilities:

  • to be inspired to create long-term strategic plans (an emotional outcome)
  • to learn enough to start creating a credible interwoven short/long-term strategic plan (a practical outcome)
  • to craft ways to enlist others around them in long-term thinking, planning and implementation (a social outcome)

As you may imagine, this requires more than just an information dump.

The fact is, the world we face in 2024 is infected by short-termism at all levels. For example, there would be no need for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals if long-term thinking were a part of organizational life. In the past few years, thanks to COVID and other disruptions, more executives have come to think that the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world has meant the end of long-term thinking. As such, they are beset with short-term reactivity.

Our goal is to help them live out their conviction, or inkling, that long-term strategic planning is necessary.

As such, you will be putting your commitment to long-term thinking into practice with an audience eager to hear what you have to say. There just aren’t many opportunities to pass on your knowledge such as this one.

Let’s make this opportunity one which is outstanding.

What is an interwoven short/long-term strategic plan?

When a strategic plan includes not only short-term tactics, but also long-term Big Hairy Audacious Goals, it may be interwoven.

Some companies treat these activities as separate. A few engage in Greenwashing, for example, where they only have long-term ESG targets…but what they really pay attention to each day is their short-term, problem-solving, maneuvers.

An interwoven plan is one that fully integrates short and long-term thinking into a seamless whole.

You may already know the topic of the message you want to deliver. It connects with the conference theme of Long-Term Strategic Planning – Click here to follow the link to the application form.

If you’re not clear on a topic, keep reading.

At the moment, you may not be clear how you want to participate. Here are your choices.

  • be interviewed by one of our experts in a problem-solving session. The video will be shown at the conference on-demand for attendees to watch.
  • prepare a 20-40-minute pre-recorded, solo video.
  • join a live panel. These real-time sessions include Q&A interactions with a live audience. You could be a member of the panel or the moderator.
  • appear live in an interactive solo session with the audience. Preparation is required for this role using our approach to engaging audiences.

However, you should know: we don’t pre-pay our speakers. Instead, we offer you a commission based on ticket sales to your followers via the use of a special link customized by Gumroad. We have paid out thousands in commissions to prior speakers using this method in 10 prior online conferences on different topics.

But even if it works perfectly, you still need to determine: “How can my participation as a panelist and/or presenter help me reach my goals?

Your Goals

For just a moment, we’d like you to consider both your 1) personal and 2) commercial goals.

  1. Personal goals include the challenge of presenting your thinking to a savvy audience. They’ll want more than basic, introductory ideas on long-term strategy available everywhere.
  2. Commercial goals are related to your business or profession. What specific measurable results do you want to accomplish? Do you want revenue from sales of a program/coaching/consulting? Or more leads for strategic planning meetings? Or a network of experts from around the world? Or a bump in your professional reputation? All the above?

Being clear will help you appreciate questions in the application form.

Your Topic

Over the years you have been thinking about interwoven short/long-term strategic planning, and maybe even shared related ideas with your audience and colleagues.

Given our focus, this is a much greater opportunity to share unique thinking. We want our audience to escape the “I have heard this before” feeling.

To help you come up with a great topic, here is a page of recommended or suggested topics. but this is only one step – you’ll be able to refine your choice in a chat with one of our hosts.

We also offer you some advice on how to put together a compelling pre-recorded video, based on our experience with hundreds of presenters. It’s not hard to have an impact using this method.

Are you ready to apply to speak? Go ahead – we would love to hear from you!