You may start off thinking that a virtual conference is a reduced version of one that takes place face-to-face. While there are some similarities, the events we conduct are distinct. They allow you to do things online which are impossible in other formats. To do so, we make full use of the best available technology.

The entire conference takes place online via the use of three main channels, listed here by the purpose they serve.

  • Pre-recorded, On-Demand Materials: WordPress pages on this website
  • Live Presentations via Video: Airmeet
  • 24 hour per day vide/audio/text chats between participants: Volley app

When the conference launches, you enter a lobby which allows you to visit any of the above three locations. Depending on the ticket you possess, all (or some) of the events are available.

Full Ticket holders have the luxury of being able to review the replays for an entire year. They don’t have the pressure of having to view the pre-recordings before the event closes.

Free Pass holders will have certain scheduled events available to them. Here is a summary of what a member of each group can expect.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Post-Conference
Full TicketAll Pre-RecordingsAll Interactive, Live EventsAll Interactive, Live EventsPackage of All Pre-Recorded Replays and Live Events
Free PassSelect Pre-Recordings and Live Launch EventSelect Streamed Live EventsSelect Streamed Live EventsN/A

What are the steps for you to follow during the event and how does each one work?


Purchase your Full Ticket or claim your Free Pass here. You’ll receive email updates with more detailed instructions. Be sure to whitelist our email address so that our messages don’t end up in spam folders.

Pre-Event Webinar

We’ll be having at least one pre-event webinar before the conference. This will help you become familiar with the Airmeet live platform, meet some of the attendees and interact with a few speakers. We’ll explain the role of the Workbook, the HelpDesk and the other aids which help to make your event a smooth one.

Workbook and Email Updates

In the days leading up to the event, you’ll receive reminders and advisories with the details of the links used to reach conference resources. Included: a Workbook intended to help you plan your personal schedule for the event.

Pre-Conference Training

Just before the conference officially launches on day One/Thursday, we’ll offer a training in leading strategic planning retreats. This overview may not make you an expert able to lead a retreat on your own with a group of strangers, but you will appreciate the steps required to craft a game-changing planning meeting. More details will be sent via email.

Pre-Recorded Content

On that same morning, we’ll also be releasing video content from our strategy subject-matter experts. Each one will range from 20-40 minutes in length and tackle a practical issue common to all strategic planners i.e. company leaders.

Live Networking Sessions

These will occur periodically throughout the conference and offer real-time opportunities to meet and chat with other participants and presenters. Come to the conference prepared to be camera-ready!

Interactive, Live Presentations

Each day, you’ll be invited to attend live speeches/Q&A’s and industry panels on various topics. This means you’ll be able to interact with thought leaders and creators of content and apps and get your queries answered.

Participant Chats

Everyone will be invited to meet their fellow attendees via chat on the Volley App. It’s a bit like WhatsApp, but more organized!

Post-Summit Replays

Full Ticket holders will be able to view all the pre-recorded videos for a full year, on-demand. If you missed the chance to purchase one, you can still obtain a copy of the videos by buying an All Access Pass.

Go ahead and register for the Full Ticket or Free Pass here.