And how may this conference apply to me?

You are a busy professional manager in a Caribbean company. Serious about high accomplishment, you either attend strategic planning retreats or hope to start doing so in the near future.

In these strategy meetings, the most important decisions about the future are made, and the conversations have a lasting impact.

But even though you are looking forward to the next opportunity, the last two years have been very different. You may have spent a lot of time focusing on short-term results, in fire-fighting mode.

Now you need to pivot, but it’s not easy.

How do you know whether or not the Caribbean Strategy Conference can help?

While the event is geared towards board members, executives and managers who attend retreats you may be hoping to attend one in the future. Regardless, there are certain question participants in retreats are asking here in 2022.

Are these familiar questions or concerns?

“Are we spending too much time firefighting?”

You need to get past the existential threats posed by COVID-19, the recession, war in Europe, supply chain challenges, inflation, talent management challenges, and more. The survival of your enterprise depends on it.
However, deep inside you know that today’s “always-in-emergency-mode” isn’t sustainable. The adrenaline which comes from reacting to a shock eventually runs dry, leaving a person depleted. And an organization.
Instead, there must be a way to craft a preferred future, even as you deal with urgent challenges. Your organization needs a different strategic plan, unlike any which preceded it.
Come to the conference expecting to launch your breakthrough planning activities as soon as you get back to the office.

“Should we expect to return to the old normal?”

You hear yourself and your staff, board, customers…all the stakeholders who matter…expressing a desire to go back to the good, old pre-COVID days. You desperately wish to see them return, but you have begun to think that it’s not going to happen. A new normal is fighting its way into the world, in fits and starts, defined by a continuous state of turmoil.
Instead of hoping for the impossible, your sense that your team probably needs to embrace the new reality. This will mean stopping the the firefighting long enough to see the big picture. That can come in your next strategic planning retreat, but it would have to be well-designed.
Come to the conference prepared to be the one who leads your organization beyond the short-term.

“How can I be more inspired?”

You want to be the kind of leader your people seem to want…visionary, bold and authentic. A great communicator.
But the truth is, between you and your Creator, you are just weary.
Battling every day for the past two years has taken its toll and a good night’s sleep no longer seems to give you the transformation you want. If there were a “Bush Bath” that worked, you would pay to take it!
Consider taking some time away at the conference to back out of the daily drama in the office, to move your head into a different space. You’ll be able to hear case studies from other Caribbean industries. Best practices from thought leaders. Truthful conversations with your peers heading up regional organizations.
The problems on your desk will be there when you return, but you may be able to see them with a new perspective if you back off enough to consider the big picture.
Fact: People get inspired when they are in touch with a future they can look forward to, and not a moment before. But there are moments in life when they can’t do the future-crafting for themselves. Sometimes, leadership is required.
Attend the conference to uncover what kind of inspiration you need to inspire others in these tumultuous times.

“What are the new steps to creating a post-COVID, game-changing strategy?”

You have been to a number of strategic planning retreats. But few would have the impact of the first retreat since the COVID lockdowns were lifted for good. It’s the one that will take you to a New Normal.
How do you make sure this one makes a difference, and doesn’t just attempt to return to 2019?
If this question has been on your mind, you would benefit from the Caribbean Strategy Conference. Our main goal is to empower executives and board members to follow the steps towards making a strategy that vaults them beyond their competitors (local and foreign) so that their future is assured. Register today by purchasing a Full Ticket.

“Should I wait until the conference starts to begin planning?”

You want to make the most of your organization’s next strategic planning retreat. And you also hope to attend the conference…which should help. Question: should you wait until the conference starts to begin the process?
This one is easy. No.
Commit to having a game-changing, breakthrough strategy in place long before 2023 starts. Take positive steps such as registering in the conference, letting your board members and fellow executives know why you’re going, and ask staff what a disruptive strategy would look like if your organization would follow it.
In other words, the conference will enhance and energize your process if you start enrolling yourself and your stakeholders to the greatest extent possible.
You may be surprised by their reaction!

Do I need to be at the conference for three full days?

You want to get as much as possible done at the office. And the conference. Both at the same time.
But time is limited.
Fortunately, the Full Ticket allows you to choose from the full list of sessions – both live and pre-recorded. Why? You’re going to receive all the video recordings once the event is over and you’ll be able to catch up on every moment that you missed.
This means you can miss the entire event! (Although we encourage you to make time to attend.)
Here is the schedule: Full Agenda

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Or, you may just be curious!

Something has you intrigued – as you contemplate the future you want your organization to be more than a bystander. But you don’t have a strong conviction about the way forward.

If you’re on the fence about being a game changing force in your industry, the conference is an excellent place to decide what course of action to take. Spend a few hours/days thinking about the challenge ahead and your role in it. Then, start the following Monday morning with a clearer picture of what you need to do.

You’ll be able to leave the doubts behind, a clarity which will resonate with your board, executives, employees and customers.