The Sustainable Strategic Planning Conference is a two-day confab held from Thursday June 22 to Friday June 23, 2023.

You are someone who thinks about the long-term. Whether you are a business executive, owner, consultant or activist, you realize at some level that short-term thinking in business is limited. Even if most organizations only consider the short-term, you believe this is a mistake.

But how do you translate this insight into practical action? Is it enough to create a vision statement, meet ESG regulatory requirements or hire a staff of sustainability specialists?

Perhaps you also want to achieve a balance between final outcomes such as Profits, Purpose, People and Planet. Taking this beyond the level of a slogan isn’t easy.

We’ll be answering these questions, via a number of experts, at the Sustainable Strategic Planning Conference 2023.

While these are global questions, we have asked our presenters to bring them down to earth to help us all get over the obstacles which stand in the way. Here is a short list:
– your organization has a mix of managers, a few who are focused on long-term concerns
– convincing executives to interweave short and long-term strategic planning requires a plan, and some proven methods
– in a VUCA world, people can’t afford to spend weeks doing their planning
– business-as-usual strategic planning tends to be budget-driven, not visionary

This isn’t a full list of barriers. But you will find thought leaders who can help you get past them with a number of unique insights, tools, practices and case studies.

You should leave inspired and informed, ready to take action.

Don’t miss this unique chance to expand your knowledge and walk away with next steps to implement immediately.

Register here by claiming a Free Pass, or by upgrading to a Full Ticket.

Francis Wade