The Long-Term Strategy Conference is a two-day confab held from Thursday June 20 to Friday June 21, 20224.

You are someone who thinks about the long-term. Whether you are a business executive, owner, consultant or activist, you realize at some level that short-term thinking in for profit/non-for-profit business is limited. Even if it’s true that most organizations only consider the short-term, you believe this is a mistake.

But how do you translate a cherished insight into practical action? While you may be convinced about the power of building sustainable value, you need to persuade others at all levels of the organization.

Come to the conference to learn the latest nuances of interwoven short/long-term strategic planning.

While the discipline has been around for ever, it’s been changing throughout the years to meet the needs of people working together in organizations, governments, societies and countries. In fact, even those who desire planetary strategic plans are inventing new methods.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time to perform Google and Chat GPT searches to find the latest ideas from the world’s best experts. That’s the reason why as conference-organizers we have been searching for the best ideas available on all corners of the internet. They’ll be attending to share their ideas with our attendees.

As they do so, you’ll learn how to follow emerging best practices. They’ll become clear as you see examples of long-terms strategic planning. In some cases, it has worked well and in others there just wasn’t been the kind of application that made a difference.

When you know these differences, you’ll be able to communicate the value of long-term strategic planning to others. Persuading them will become much easier, and you will be able to intervene with steps you defined during the conference.

That means your audience will:

  • stop ignoring long-term concerns
  • give up excuses around long-term strategic planning which aren’t true
  • craft projects that work
  • go past the first steps of setting national goals

This isn’t a full list of outcomes, but they do focus on the impact you want to have as someone who sees the value of long-term strategic thinking and acting.

Don’t miss this unique chance to expand your knowledge and walk away with next steps to implement immediately.

Register here by claiming a Free Pass, or by upgrading to a Full Ticket.

Francis Wade