Why Are We Collaborating with the Association of Professional Futurists?

You may read our website, and understand that in 2024 we are collaborating with the Association of Professional Futurists (APF). You may wonder, why?

I can report after interviewing a dozen futurists and strategic foresight practitioners that there are major overlaps between long-term strategic planning and the expertise of folks in the APF.

The funny thing is that they know this is true…but strategists may not realize this, especially if they are focused on strategic planning for five-year horizons or less.

For example, take a look at this graphic from Waypoint.

This is a great summary of some tools which are currently used by practitioners in both fields, with clients and in companies.

The happy news is that if you attend the live session on Friday morning, you will hear me discuss the unique and overlapping elements of both fields with the Chair of the APF – Tanja Schindler, from Germany.

Don’t miss this opportunity!