Adrian is a market-leading advisor, globally renowned author, and GAICD accredited board member, boasting an impactful three-decade career marked by consistently delivering breakthrough outcomes. Spanning the domains of infrastructure, technology, transformation, and for-purpose, Adrian drives organisational success by helping organisations realise their strategic plans through programme management. This approach translates strategic plans into actionable projects and initiatives, ensuring these efforts are coordinated, resourced, and managed effectively to achieve the desired strategic outcomes.

He provides clients with a structured approach to managing complexity and change, enhancing an organisation’s ability to navigate common pitfalls in the implementation of change and realise its corporate strategy successfully. Based in Australia, Adrian extends his expertise both domestically and internationally, earning acclaim for his intellect, creativity, collaboration, and personable approach. Clients and peers alike celebrate Adrian’s proficiency in precisely articulating problems, defining solutions, and implementing tailored, pragmatic approaches, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on delivering extraordinary outcomes for his clients.

His indelible impact spans diverse industries, including water and energy, transport (road, rail, aviation, and ports), health, aged care, all levels of government, environment, science, education and training, social and community services, housing and property, sports and recreation, commercial and industrial sectors, primary industries, international development, and telecommunications.