Alan Leeds is professional speaker and the president of Y-Change, Inc. Their software product, ASM enables companies to convert strategy into reality by connecting and integrating initiatives, goals, objectives and metrics throughout the organization.

An IASP Certified Strategic Management Professional (SMP), Alan was on the ASP Board of Directors for over 10 years and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2012. He currently leads the IASP Global webinar program. and was instrumental in the founding of the NorCal (currently US-West Coast) Chapter of the IASP.

Alan holds a master’s degree from SUNY and a BS from Syracuse University. He is the co-author of Agile Strategy Execution: Revolutionizing the How.

Alan’s speaking engagements include presentations for the IASP (including their 2023 International Conference in Atlanta),  PMI (Project Management Institute) conference and, and the national Agile conference in Atlanta. He is also a speaker with a unique style on the topics of Strategic Leadership and “Adding MAGIC to your Leadership.”  As an award-winning magician, he often incorporates magic into his presentations.