The ShredWIZ Lady! Governance & Gender Equality Passionista 😊. Founder of Ladies Speaking.

People seek me out when they want to be supported to deliver better performance …in their boardrooms, or in their businesses. I am at my best and feel purposeful when I am serving good governance and helping individuals and businesses to thrive. It happens for me in my role as a Director and an entrepreneur.

My favourite space to work is where I am convinced I am purposed to serve. I am beyond myself excited to have identified it because now I can double down and get on with helping others and creating value for them. It brings me so much joy when I speak or lead workshops on governance, and when I can support those who serve in the boardroom to do so with more authority and less anxiety. I really want to impact the experience of women in this space. And that means I must work to impact the agenda for diversity, equity and inclusion. That’s what my Success Blueprint for Good Governance is designed to do …build effective boards, by enabling directors to be confident, competent and credible. The aha moments from that … truly priceless!

Senior Business Leader, former Banker and Engineer. C-suite leader and Director. Trained in Governance by Commonwealth Association of Corporate Governance. Certified in Data Protection. Certified Financial Education Instructor.