Chris Fox is an independent strategy consultant operating around London, UK. He has been helping organisations to develop and execute better business strategies for over 30 years.
He is also the founder of is the collaborative online platform for business strategy development and execution.
Chris began his career in South Africa in software development. He quickly moved into strategy as he realised that not all software that could be built should be built. Starting with a sound and well-articulated strategy is the only way to focus a business’s efforts and investments on achieving meaningful results.
Shortly after graduating with an MBA from the University of Cape Town, Chris moved to London to pursue his career in 2001. He rose to the position of Head of Group Strategy and Branding for a FTSE100 multinational.
After that he struck out on his own in order or to be able to help more businesses to succeed. He has been operating as an independent consultant ever since.
Chris focuses on developing evidence-based future-oriented business strategies which are practical and implementable. These provide an antidote to businesses run on the basis of the conflicting narratives and opinions formed by decision-makers in a past which no longer exists.
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