David Dunning is a thought leader with extensive experience in consulting and business leadership. He is the founder of The BIG Community Interest Company and the Chairman of CPS. He is also a co-founder of Deepteam. David focuses on Business Integrated Governance, helping businesses achieve their strategic priorities. He holds an Engineering degree and a Diploma of Industrial Studies.

David has been a speaker at various events, including the IASP Conference, sessions with APMG (Association for Project Management Group), the Good Governance Academy, the PMI (Project Management Institute), the APM (Association for Project Management) and the AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management). You can find recent event reports and recording links on his blog: https://www.deepteam.co.uk/blog.

This presentation is titled “Strategy Delivery – do we all believe in magic?” It explores the concept of Strategy Formulation and questions whether it is seen as a one-time, five-year process or an ongoing activity. The presentation acknowledges that Strategy formulation and delivery are not solely top-down approaches but also involve bottom-up contributions. It challenges the notion of isolating Strategy Delivery within a change program and instead advocates for integration with business-as-usual (BAU) operations, value generation, and local innovation. The presentation highlights anecdotal and evidential problems and raises the question of why organizations often ignore good practices.

ISO 37000, which outlines principles for Governance of Organizations, is presented as a framework to connect strategy to delivery and vice versa. David introduces the concept of Business Integrated Governance (BIG), which aims to bridge the gap between principles and practical implementation. The presentation also addresses how to engage an organization in the strategy delivery journey, including overcoming inertia. It concludes with key takeaways and suggested next steps.

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