Dean Meyer is an expert in organizations. He facilitates transformation processes; and he coaches executives on organizational and internal political issues.

Dean is one of the original proponents of the businesses-within-a-business paradigm, where every manager thinks and acts like an entrepreneur who runs a small business that’s funded (budgeted) to produce products and services for customers inside the organization and beyond.

Dean is both a visionary and a mechanic. He paints a clear picture of how organizations should work. And he helps leaders implement that vision with pragmatic frameworks and change-management methods.

For over 40 years, Dean has dedicated his career to developing a science of what others may call “soft” challenges — the organizational ecosystem in which we work.

  • He developed an entirely new science of organizational structure, and methods to induce flexible, effective cross-boundary teamwork.
  • He pioneered the application of market economics inside organizations to design business planning, budgeting, service costing, demand management, and alignment processes.
  • He invented a method and tool — FullCost — for business planning, budgeting, and product/service costing that makes it practical for an organization to calculate the true cost of its entire product line.
  • He developed an approach to corporate culture (based on learning theory) that leads to meaningful change in less than a year.

His research and experience have resulted in well-documented principles and frameworks, and proven, participative change processes.

Dean has personally facilitated transformations in dozens of diverse corporate, health care, higher education, not-for-profit, and public-sector organizations.

Dean is the author of eight books, including Principle-based Organizational Structure and Internal Market Economics. In addition, he’s a former CIO Magazine columnist, and has published countless webinars, videos, monographs, and articles.

Dean’s consulting practice is NDMA (N. Dean Meyer and Associates Inc.) in Danbury, CT. It was established in 1982.

Dean received a BS from the University of California at Berkeley, and an MBA from the Stanford School of Business.

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