Debilyn Molineaux is a Visionary, Storyteller, Innovator & Entrepreneur. Her life’s purpose is bringing about a thriving, just and healthy democratic republic in the United States. The latest expression of her work is launching in late 2023 as American Future, noting that Imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow. Unleashing Americans’ imagination about the future we want is the antidote to the malaise left by the conflict profiteers.

As a pioneer in the democracy ecosystem, Debilyn also offers consulting services to nonprofits, philanthropists, corporate leaders and foundations. She has co-founded or led initiatives over her 20+ year career to reach millions of Americans. Past leadership roles include Bridge Alliance, Citizen Connect, The Fulcrum, Living Room Conversations, Coffee Party USA and various board roles.

Empowering her fellow citizens and scaling the work of her fellow leaders continue to be Debilyn’s passion and mission. Her actions help nurture and drive the large-scale collective action that moves our democracy forward.