Dionne Harris is a dynamic business strategist, director, and lifelong learner, boasting a distinguished career spanning over 15 years. At the Chadderton Research and Development Company, as the Lead Strategy Development and Implementation Consultant, her role involves harnessing her creativity, framework development, robust analysis, process design, process reengineering, research, and business development. Her career paints a diverse landscape across numerous industries, including Banking and Finance, Healthcare and Social Assistance, ICT, Hospitality, Agriculture, and Educational and Professional Services.

Her impressive credentials encompass a Master’s degree in Strategic Planning, and certifications as a Project Management Professional, Trainer and Assessor. She exemplifies exceptional leadership skills by coordinating requirements across disciplines, resolving complex issues, and formulating relevant business strategies that streamline growth. Within her company, Dionne fosters a culture of continuous improvement and excellence, instilling a sense of drive and accomplishment in her team.

Dionne’s journey into strategic planning traces back to her early years. A precocious child, she prepared her first invoice at the tender age of five, sparking hearty discussions and forging alliances, and scaling her operations to maximize profits – thus setting the stage for a future strategic planning professional. Drawing from these early experiences, Dionne proudly asserts that her practical strategic planning experience spans over 30 years.

Her passion revolves around the intertwined nature of people and health systems. She is currently conducting academic research and exploring the compelling relationship between strategic planning and wellness policy.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dionne’s passion for knowledge and education shines through her part-time roles as a Tutor at the prestigious University of the West Indies and Barbados Community College. Dionne’s enthusiasm spills over into mentoring students, training business professionals, and engaging in stakeholder and vendor management. She revels in meeting different people, collaborating with business partners, and playing an instrumental role in shaping the direction of companies.

Away from her professional duties, Dionne indulges in her love for writing, research, and playing volleyball. She also finds joy in the serene and grounding practice of farming. Amid her vibrant and demanding career, Dionne Harris still finds the time to nurture her diverse interests, making her a well-rounded and effective leader in her field.

Contact information:

Website – https://www.chaddertondevelopment.com/
Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/dionne-harris
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chaddertondevelopment
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/chaddertondevelopment/
YouTube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@ChaddertonResearchDevelopment