Executive Director and Group Chief Culture & Human Development Officer at JMMB, Donna has
had extensive experience in the financial services sector and, since the birth of her daughters in
2004, she stepped down from overall group leadership to focused on building and maintaining
the love based culture which creates the group’s sustainable competitive advantage. As an
authentic, principled and love based leader, she works with the Culture and Human Development
Team (CHDT) in creating and implementing the people-operating frameworks, people policies,
processes and practices that develop and maintain JMMB’s unique culture. The CHDT supports
team members and teams to “realize the greatness within, to the benefit of themselves, our
clients, the organization and the society” (Our Vision of Love). She also has extended this
transformational thinking to the development of Conversations for Greatness programme aimed
at providing individuals with the tools for mindset change to increase the experience of love and
possibility thinking in the world. Donna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, as
well as a Masters’ in Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the
University of Western Ontario in Canada. She also holds the prestigious international Chartered
Financial Analyst professional designation.