Peter Compo is author of The Emergent Approach to Strategy: Adaptive Design & Execution.

Unlike many strategy authors from universities and consulting firms, Compo’s professional experience was spent working in the “corporate trenches” at E. I. DuPont, starting as a research scientist, and holding leadership positions in R&D, product management, marketing, supply chain, business management, and integrated business planning.

He left DuPont after 25 years to work full-time on developing the Emergent Approach.

Compo comes from a multi-generational family of musicians in the New York City metropolitan area, where he was born and raised. Before joining DuPont, he earned a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from City University of New York.

His mission is to bring a new level of clarity to strategy theory and practice to enable organizations in any domain to achieve their aspirations.

You can learn more about Peter and his approach at, (includes a guidebook to implementing the Emergent Approach called “The Five Task Sets”