Valda Frederica Henry is the Deputy Governor of the Eastern  Caribbean Central Bank. She is VF Inc.’s former Chief Executive  Officer and Principal Trainer. She formerly served as a Senior  Investment Officer at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and played an  instrumental role in the restructuring of the Investment Unit and the  development of the Investment Management Framework of the Bank.  She has lectured in, among other subjects, Human Resource  Management and Accounting and has extensive experience in  organisational reviews, job analyses and job descriptions working with  companies in the Caribbean and served as the Coordinator of the  Administrative Reform Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica.  She has served as a Mentor for Executive and Middle Managers in many  sectors including banking, hospitality and utility.  

Valda is also a Global Human Resources and Organizational  Development Expert who excels at collaboration, with very strong  interpersonal, communications, leadership and decision-making skills.  She has developed and led numerous multi-year personal and  professional development programs for youth in Dominica as well as  individuals and businesses throughout the Caribbean. She hosted a  weekly radio and twice- monthly television programs on which she  discussed solutions to challenges faced by businesses in the region. She  writes a Column, “Business and Life,” for the online newspaper,  “Dominica News Online.  

Valda holds formal qualifications in Financial Analysis and Planning,  Governance and Business Management. She is a Chartered Financial  Analyst, holds a PhD in Industrial Relations & Business, Masters of  Business Administration, Bachelors in Management and Bachelors in  Law. She is a Certified Global Professional in Human Resources,  Society for Human Resource Management, Senior Certified  Professional (SHRM-SCP) and an Accredited Director. She is also a Certified ProNet Trainer and a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)  Practitioner and a Certified “Train the Trainer” for InfoDev and the  Women Innovators Network in the Caribbean (WINC).