Sustainable development has been integral to my life since the late 80’s. I’ve dedicated my gifts to regenerative economic development, finance, portfolio management, economic strategy, business innovation, and responsible investing ever since. Now my focus is incorporating biomimicry to evolve impact investing  and economic development toward resilient economic evolution.

​Since 1991 I enjoy serving people who align their values, wealth and influence for a better world. I have built my expertise on multidisciplinary education, inquiry and a wide range of experiences with some of the world’s leading institutions.

​Now my team and I serve, convene and advise a range of investors, families of wealth, think tanks and institutions. I am grateful to be of service to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs and groups who are leading a new pathway for humanity.

​Being a Southern California native, I have celebrated living in Santa Monica since I moved here in 1983. I love savoring rare aged teas, art, cooking for loved ones, long walks, weekly swimming, esoteric philosophy, meditation, yoga, and photography. My aim is to carry my passion for personal development and human evolution into every moment with every relationship.