Jeroen Kraaijenbrink is an accomplished strategy educator, speaker, writer, and consultant
with over two decades of experience, extending from academia through modern business
and industry. He empowers people and organizations to discover, formulate, and execute
their future plans by providing innovative tools for expansive and forward-thinking strategy
making and both personal and organizational development. In doing so, he enables
individuals to realize their greatest ambitions and organizations to effectively achieve their
business goals and mission through ongoing, effective strategy techniques.
Drawing from cognitive psychology, humanism, martial arts, Saint Benedict, and an
extraordinarily wide range of other sources, he has written innumerable articles on strategy,
sustainability, and personal leadership, as well as authored five books: Strategy Consulting,
No More Bananas, Unlearning Strategy, The Strategy Handbook, and The One-Hour
Strategy. He is an active contributor to Forbes, where he writes about strategy, leadership,
and how to embrace and harness the complexity and uncertainty—and the
opportunities—of the global marketplace that the world has become.

He has a PhD in industrial management, teaches strategy at the University of Amsterdam
Business School, and has helped significantly improve the strategic planning of many
midsize and larger companies across the engineering, manufacturing, healthcare, and
financial services industries.