I am an executive foresight strategist focused on sustainability and social good issues. I specialize in foresight, data, storytelling, and innovative technology with 25+ years of experience leading cross-disciplinary teams in digital innovation, strategy, and development.

I focus on human-centered design principles, specifically inclusion, empathy, and ethics as well as iterative design, prototyping, and including the actual users and all stakeholders (including future stakeholders) in the design and approach.

I have a passion for working on projects with a positive social impact. I have a Masters of Science in Foresight and am currently an adjunct professor at The University of Houston teaching Social Change and Change Theory in the foresight program.

I am open to projects, interviews, speaking engagements, and training.

Foresight, data, innovation, storytelling, human-centered design, public speaking, writing, digital strategy, leadership, analysis, information architecture, systems integration, fisheries management

Key Clients:
The U.S. CDC, UNDP, The Nature Conservancy, WildAid, World Wildlife Fund, The Permanente Medical Group, Samsung, Nokia, VMware, AT&T, American Express

Want to connect? Here are my criteria to help that connection along:
1) You are someone I follow or we share very similar interests around sustainability, ethics, futures, data. – pretty much an auto connect (not websites, web marketing, etc.)
2) You know many of the people I respect. I will often check how they know you so be prepared
3) You write a compelling reason to connect
Reasons not to connect:
You offer web services, marketing, are a recruiter, selling something, etc. I review all requests but will turn these down 99% of the time – it also means you have not read this otherwise you would do #3 above.