Judy Whalen, a strategic growth expert, is presenting “Unleash the Power of Long-Term Vision: How to Create a Sustainable Strategic Plan” during the Sustainable Strategy Conference June 22-23, 2023. Judy is the Founder & CEO of the Center for Strategic Change, a consulting firm in business since 1992. Business owners, nonprofit and government leaders hire Judy and her team to be more innovative, effective, and competitive. Judy and her team specialize in strategy, market research and communicating strategic change to key stakeholders. They design and facilitate strategic thinking sessions, complex strategic planning projects, market research studies, nonprofit mergers and acquisitions, and provide Board of Directors’ governance training. Clients include leaders of health care and educational organizations, service businesses, foundations, government agencies, manufacturing companies, chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs.

Judy’s “Guide to Strategic Planning” (https://c4sc.com/strategic-planning-ebook) is offered in the Conference Store along with a $500 discount on her online course “Accelerate Your Business Growth Using Strategic Planning™” (https://c4sc.com/accelerate-your-business-growth/sspc)

The Center for Strategic Change also offers three other online courses:
1. Strengthen the Harmony Between Your Life, Family, and Work™
2. Building the High-Performance Team, and
3. Building the Effective Leadership Team™ – a video series on governance for nonprofit boards of directors.
Prior to launching the Center for Strategic Change, Judy served as the Executive Director and lobbyist for the Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers, Associate Director and lobbyist for the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and as Executive Director and President of Haeger, Inc., an association management firm.

Judy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, graduate credits in education and public policy from the University of Wisconsin- Madison and has completed the Institute for Organization Management program offered by the US Chamber of Commerce at Notre Dame University.

You can follow Judy’s online posts at https://CenterForStrategicChange.com,
https://LinkedIn.com/judywhalen, https://Linkedin.com/company/Center-For-Strategic-Change, https://facebook.com/CenterForStrategicChange