Julian Jay Robinson M.P. is Opposition Spokesman on Information and the Knowledge Economy, Member of Parliament for the constituency of South East St. Andrew and Deputy General Secretary of the People’s National Party (PNP).

He served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining from 2012-2016.

Julian represents a new generation of political leadership in Jamaica. He respects and is in return respected by all, including his political opponents. Highly visible on the national stage as the PNP’s Deputy General Secretary, Julian’s strong organizational skills, sharp intellect, and the ability to rationally discuss local, national and international issues have earned him positive recognition. In all aspects of his public life, Julian has demonstrated consistency, focus, and hard work with a record of integrity, inclusiveness and fair play.

Julian’s path to public service seems almost inevitable – all his life he has been involved in leadership positions in school and community organisations, and has consistently used his time and talents set to bring about meaningful change.