Kris Schaeffer & Associates enables organizations to engage their employees and astound their customers, to extend their values to all stakeholders, and to achieve their purpose as a force of good for the world. We work with our clients as partners to make change happen and then make the change endure. Change happens when willingness meets ability, so we develop ways to motivate and upskill at all levels of the company. Change endures when there are systems and culture in place to support people and processes.

Often, we are called in to solve a business problem. Typically, we need to muster the mighty powers of the four pillars of Conscious Capitalism – purpose, stakeholder orientation, leadership, and culture – to solve it.

We support messy, complex organizations with sticky problems. Messy with multiple types of customer contact and sticky with seemingly intractable issues. Geographically diverse. Blue, pink, and white collar jobs. We are excited to support a company that wants revolutionary change, but more often we work with companies who move in evolutionary steps toward that goal.

Kris Schaeffer is a Certified Professional in Talent Development and a Certified Conscious Capitalism Consultant. She is the co-author of Managing Change and Keeping It Going, ATD Press.