Manuel Vexler is an accomplished technology and business leader with extensive experience in the telecommunications and IT industry. Currently, he serves as the Executive Director of the Actionable Knowledge Foundational Institute ( ) and as a Cornell University facilitator. Vexler has a diverse background in the industry, having held various high-level positions throughout his career, including Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Senior Service Architect for cloud computing and network virtualization.

During his tenure as CMO at Huawei, Vexler advised communications executives in China, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. In 2018, he received the Gold Medal for executive training delivery at Huawei University. Before joining Huawei, Vexler held managerial and leadership positions at Cisco Systems, where he was in charge of the acquisition of a top Japanese telecom company. Manuel is also known for his startup experience including Integra100 a merger and acquisition cultural integration and Ypologist an AI/ML chipset.

Vexler’s educational background is equally impressive. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering – Medical Electronics (MSc.EE) from the University of Iasi, Romania, a Network Engineering and Management Certificate from the University of Toronto, and an Executive Marketing Certificate from Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada. More recently, he earned three certificates in System Thinking, Digital Transformation, and Intrapeneruship from Cornell University, N.Y.

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