In today’s fast-paced world of business, one of the greatest challenges faced by companies and their leaders is how to foster a continuous and actionable strategic mindset. The ability to think strategically and act upon it is crucial for establishing and maintaining a competitive edge. It’s no secret that organizations with access to leaders who possess strategic acumen are more likely to succeed than those without.

Since its introduction in 2010 the Business model canvas has empowered businesses to model, communicate, and refine their business models effectively. By incorporating various choices such as revenue models, partnerships, resources, activities, and relationships, the canvas helps create a cohesive and well-aligned business model.

Similarly, the renowned academic and practitioner, Michael Porter from Harvard Business School, highlights the importance of strategy as a series of choices. Just as the Business Model Canvas aids in modeling business models, the Strategic Choices Canvas offers a similar opportunity. It encompasses a comprehensive range of strategic choices and sub-choices essential for defining a powerful business strategy. When these choices are mutually supportive of one another, your business not only possesses a well-designed business model but also an effective strategy that focuses resources on winning target customers and delivering exceptional value to stakeholders.

The Strategic Choices Canvas and its related canvases enables leaders, teams, and individual members to actively participate and take ownership of the business strategy. Leaders and teams can build and action a blueprint to fulfill your organization’s aspirations, increase competitiveness, and enhance value for both customers and stakeholders. What’s more, these canvases leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI), allowing you to unlock highly productive and competitive strategies from the C-Suite down to every corner of your organization.

Join us for this enlightening session as we introduce you to these game-changing canvases, delve into their underlying principles, and explore how they harness the potential of AI. By embracing these tools, you can empower your entire organization to cultivate a culture of strategic thinking and drive remarkable success in today’s dynamic business landscape.