I help organizations prepare for uncertain futures and create meaningful change, as Futurist & Founder of ANTICIPATE. I leverage my expertise in strategic foresight, innovation, and change management to successfully guide clients to become futures ready.

I have extensive experience in preparing Fortune 500 companies, the public sector, intergovernmental organizations, academia, and SMEs for the future and across sectors like energy, construction, finance, technology and media.
► Integrated strategic foresight in UN OHCHRs planning process, including a Global Trends Report for Human Rights.
► Developed futures-driven strategies for a client in the energy sector via horizon scanning and a leadership seminar.
► Proven track record in public speaking, training, and project management, training hundreds of people in strategic foresight and futures literacy, while consistently delivering excellent results and empowering others.

Previously, I spent five years at the renowned think tank Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS).
► Orchestrated the successful turnaround of organizational partnerships and memberships, resulting in a 50% growth in partners and a significant boost to revenue and client engagement.

I’m deeply passionate about the interaction between people, change, and futures, and how we can leverage our collective intelligence to build better systems. I look to establish genuine connections with clients and partners and care about open and honest communication.

I make sense of trends and uncertainty, identify emerging opportunities, craft futures scenarios and guide businesses towards transformative strategies. All driven by my curiosity to improve and always look to make a positive impact on people and planet.

My systematic approach enables me to comprehend complex issues within a broader context and identify patterns. As a strategic thinker, I believe that a proactive society, equipped with individuals and organizations capable of anticipating and shaping the future, will always outperform a short-sighted one.

I leverage my expertise within innovation and futures thinking to help companies transform towards net-zero at Earthshine Group, a sustainability consultancy. From my entrepreneurial spirit and degree in Organisational Innovation & Entrepreneurship, I’m used to apply design thinking, lean start-up, and agile methods to create and manage innovative ventures.

Besides creating better futures, I travel to experience new cultures, run on trails to challenge myself, and do photography to see things from new perspectives.