These downloads will be available at the conference.

Dr. Russell RobinsonTraining and Talent Management in Complex Times
Dr. Robert PhaalRoadmapping for strategy and innovation
Marjorie WhartonAre You Creating a Winning Strategic Planning Process
Juliana Samuel / Francis WadeInterview on HRHelper using The Aspirations to Headline Marketing Process
Rita SookritFuture of Work - Trends in 2022
Anthony TaylorHow to use Scenario planning to predict the future and Manage change
Nichelle Granderson/Amie DeveroThe Abominable Strategy! Rethinking the fundamentals of our business. Where do we start?
Yolande HyltonPull Up a Chair...Winning a Seat at the Table with HR Analytics
Lisa Maria-AlexanderFrom Strategy to Execution: An Outside-In "Customer-Obsessed" approach to Marketing
Cecile WatsonThe Strategy-Centric Board: Your Secret Weapon To Breakout Performance
Moira EdwardsTechnology in Bite Size Chunks
Chris FoxThe StratTech Revolution - How Software is Eating the World and Strategy is It's Next Meal
Amie Devero/Francis WadeInterview Part 1
Amie Devero/Francis WadeInterview Part 2
Francis WadeWebinar: 3 Mistakes HR makes in Corporate Strategic Planning Retreats
Francis Wade/Kerron RamaganeshWebinar: Is Your Company Planning for the Next Technology Disruption?
Francis WadeWebinar: The Immediate Effect of Long-Term Targets
Francis WadeWebinar: Board, Executive and Staff Engagement in Planning Breakthrough Strategy
Francis Wade/Douglas Orane/Kristine Thompson / Graham RobinsonWebinar: The New Long-Term Planning
Francis Wade3 Mistakes Boards Make
Francis Wade / Dale Pilgrim-WadeTurning Your Next Retreat into a Complete Success
Jennifer Cudjoe-BrathwaiteStrategic Plan implementation: The power of Goal Management using M&E (monitoring and evaluation) System
Shauna MarshallWhat is the optimal planning cycle?
Kerron RamganeshTBD
Rawati HeeramanTBD
Antonia FerrierTBD