Sonia is an experienced business strategist, facilitator, and educator with a career spanning over two decades. Recognizing the changing role and responsibility of business in society, she is acutely aware of the needs, benefits, and challenges of going beyond an organization’s financial goals in defining success.
As an educator in business ethics and an advocate of sustainable practices, she is committed to
improving the way business is done and leverages her diverse skills and experience helping build better, more environmentally and socially conscious organizations. Though challenging, she considers these practices no longer optional but essential for a thriving future.
While based in Canada, Sonia’s extensive international experience, having worked and traveled in over 40 countries, has provided her with a profound appreciation for diverse cultures and business practices.
This global perspective has also given her a deeper understanding of the unique needs, differences, and challenges faced around the world.
Whether engaged in strategic research and planning, facilitating workshops, or delivering educational programs, Sonia’s unwavering dedication to her clients’ success shines through. In addition, she possesses an innate passion for delivering impactful results and remains relentless in her ultimate objective — to inspire, empower, and support others in their pursuit of building better, more sustainable organizations.