Title: How To Incorporate Customer Needs Into The Long-Term Plans?

Every company earns money by satisfying customer needs. The customer is the only source of profit for an organization. Five simple steps will help you incorporate customer needs into your strategy. You can develop your strategy based on customer needs. This way, each of your strategic decisions will be aligned with them.

Biographical information:

Svyatoslav Biryulin – strategist, futurist, foresight practitioner.

Svyatoslav was the CEO of some large companies in Eastern Europe for over 13 years. Now he runs his own business in strategic consulting – he helps enterprises from different countries devise and formulate new disruptive strategies.

Svyatoslav works as a board member and strategic committee member for three companies.

As a futurist and foresight expert, Svyatoslav conducts foresight and strategic workshops and sessions for many organizations from different parts of the world to help them shape their desirable future scenarios.

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