Dr. Natalia Weisz – Strategy as Leadership

Elisa Farri – Getting Serious About Leadership Behaviors

Dr. Peter Compo intvw w/ Dr. Paul Phillips – Greater Clarity on the Definition   and Conception of Strategy

Woody Wade – Thinking Differently About the Future

Cecilia Wandiga – Listen to Plan – Sustainable Strategy in Uncertain Times

Dr. Ernest Blanco – Education as a Primary Factor to ESG Long Term Planning

Dr. Jeroen Kraaijenbrink / Amie Devero – Strategy in the Age of Industry 5.0:   Sustainable, Resilient, and Human-Centric

Dean Meyer / Francis Wade – Meta-Strategy: Creating an Organization Where   Strategic Thinking is Everywhere, All the Time

Amie Devero – From the Board Room to the the Break Room: Bringing the   Strategy to Every Employee

Vikram Shetty – Double the Impact of Your ESG Scorecard

Kerron Ramganesh – Supporting Strategic Workforce Planning Efforts through   People Analytics

Francis Wade – The Hidden Secret of Credible Long-Term Strategy: Backcasting

Alan Leeds & Kris Schaeffer – Framework for a Purpose-driven Strategy: Where You Are   and Want to Go

Michael Taylor – Using AI to Assemble Better Strategies in Less Time

Daniel Omara – The Strategic Planning Process – Who Needs to Be Invited?

Dr. Paul A. Phillips – Using Serendipitous Inspiration to Enable Space for Happy Accidents


Gregory Wendt / Derek Luk Pat – What Does a Long Term Vision for Guiding Our Wealth   to Achieve a Resilient Future?