Thanks for considering a guest appearance on the JumpLeap Long-Term Podcast!

Hi, This is Francis Wade and thanks for responding to my invitation.

If we have already spoken, you may already know some of this information, but in case I didn’t cover everything here are some details that may help you gain the most from of this experience.

Why the podcast? To provide our audience with practical solutions to specific, “wicked” problem in the area of 15–30-year, game changing strategic plans. To be more clear, we tackle a single, specific problem per episode.

How is this different? In our podcast conversation, we are looking to have a deeper than average discussion.

Our ultimate goal? To uncover some new aspect of the chosen problem…a fresh insight that we didn’t have before the start of the discussion. This means that we should end up far beyond the world of cliches, popular memes and conventional wisdom. Sometimes we get there in a single episode, sometimes we don’t. But we’ll try!

To accomplish this goal, I ask you to bring an open mind, and a sense of curiosity to a problem neither of us have already figured out. (See the section below about why this is not an interview.)

As such, the first part of each show is devoted to defining the problem in a way that should be brand new for listeners. In other words, as we diagnose, they should get excited by the depth of knowledge we bring to the teardown.

This part should help them see solutions on their own, in real time, as they listen.

The second part of the show is spent searching for solutions. The final segment deals with implementing them.

Logistics: Each show takes about 50-75 minutes to record. But we’ll need about 90 minutes in total time in your calendar to set things up, record and wrap things up at the end. Come to the call ready to be video-taped.

Interested? – Book 30 minutes on my calendar here for a pre-call to plan our discussion –

Sample Topics: To start with, here is a list suggested of points or topics I’d like to cover during the first season of the podcast. A few have been covered in the episodes recorded so far, and if you want to make sure we don’t cover something twice, check the list of prior episodes.

However, if you have an idea for a new or additional problem we can explore together, please suggest it!

Preparation: This podcast will take some prior preparation. (This makes it unlike other podcasts where guests simply show up for an interview.) During the pre-call, we’ll go over the problem we plan to tackle and some of the resources we may use or refer to.

I will need a short bio and a picture.

Target Audience: Our ideal listeners are “sponsors” (aka champions) of a corporate strategic planning project intended to produce a game changing plan. They will be paying to listen to the podcast – some of our broadcasts are being held for our paid members of JumpLeap.

But I will use portions of every episode in broader advertisements.

Who would pay? The listener could be a top executive, staff member, board member or even an outside consultant. Their job is to organize the strategic planning effort and manage the process from start to finish. However, this probably won’t be their first retreat, but they could be a first-time sponsor.

More importantly, they are exploring a new frontier: a 15-30-year, game-changing strategic plan. They may see this as their way to craft a sustainable future.

Chances are, they haven’t been in a workshop to produce an interwoven short/long-term strategic plan. This is their first-time. And they are well aware that there are some who argue that life is changing too fast to make long-term plans. In fact, someone above them in the hierarchy might believe this is true.

As such, they come to the podcast looking to solve a real challenge. Our job in the podcast is to help them make progress.

Access to the Full Recording: We will publish the first 10-15 minutes of the podcast to the public. The entire recording will only be available to subscribers of the JumpLeap Long-Term Strategy Newsletter.

However, we will be promoting clips from all portions of the podcast. A monthly subscription to the full archive is currently $7 per month.

Also, anyone can hear your recording via a free trial which will be made available during the podcast and in the Show Notes.

Your Commercial Objectives: In our pre-call, let’s get your goals clearly defined. You may want to promote a book, or build your list, or just create some brand awareness. We’ll discuss any specific measurable results you are aiming for and ways this experience can help accomplish them.

By the way, during the recording, you will be demonstrating the quality of your thinking. This is a lot different than telling people how smart you are, or listing insights you already have attained.

Think of it like walking up to a blackboard to solve a math problem in real-time…with everyone watching! It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your brand.


Fun: The key to making this work is to have some fun with this format. We’ll both be in the flow state, and probably will forget that we will have a virtual audience at some point in the future.

Promotion: I’ll provide you with swipe files and graphics. We’ll promote the episode to past/future attendees of the Sustainable Strategic Planning Conference, Long-Term Strategy Conference, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube.

When? The podcast was launched in January of 2023.

Not an Interview

Just to reiterate…this is not a typical podcast interview where your career or book or training course or solutions are the subject of the episode. No offense intended, but I am inviting you to engage in solving a fresh challenge our audience currently faces. It’s one you have not yet solved.

Consequently, if you already have the answer up your sleeve…this won’t be the right format. But if you have only a half-answer…or some intelligent guesses… perfect! That’s our pathway to having a spontaneous bit of serendipity which our audience appreciates.

It’s just as if I’m inviting you over to discuss a problem I’m having in a lab or office and would like us to talk it over. This is our pathway to having a spontaneous conversation which produces some useful serendipity. Our audience loves this!

If you can’t think of a problem, here’s a suggestion: go to the edges of your solution(s) and search for cases where it doesn’t work all the time.

If you are still drawing a blank, you may not be a good candidate for this unusual format. No problem, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

But you could also get on a call with me (Francis) and together we can come up with something interesting. I have been using this format for a few years effectively to engage audiences.

Your Next Step: If you’re interested, first, complete this application form. You will find a link in the form to this list of suggested, possible topics.

Then, send me a meeting link from my calendar to set up our pre-call. You can share your idea/problem/issue in the calendar invite or via email or Linkedin.

I look forward to talking with you.