Replay Webinar – How Leaders Who Think Big Overcome Challenges to Crafting Long-Term Strategic Plans

You are someone who believes in the power of long-term thinking. As such, you welcome the idea of long-term strategic planning.

However, while a vast majority of executives agree, a meager number actually have written plans which stretch more than five years. Why the discrepancy?

Many are just too busy.
Others believe they are alone and therefore can’t convince their board, colleagues, or staff to begin.
Some perceive the effort would take too long, and cost too much.
A few are afraid that if they put a plan in place, it would need to be changed so quickly that they’d feel foolish for trying to find certainty in a world of war, pandemics and disruptive technologies like Ai.
A majority have no idea what process to use.
And so on.

Meanwhile 45% of CEO’s are still not confident that their companies would survive more than a decade on their current path. (PWC)

Come to this webinar to explore this conundrum. Whether you are a board member, manager or consultant, you will find a source of fresh insights. Plus, you will learn how to access the latest thinking executives are using to unblock the development of long-term strategic plans which in turn lead to sustainable long-term value.

It’s the only way to take all your stakeholders to the next level…at the same time.

Time: 11:30am (GMT -5) (save the date in your calendar on this Linkedin page)
Date: Thursday April 25th
Signup and Attendance Link:

The presenter will be Francis Wade, host of the JumpLeap Long-Term Strategy Newsletter and Podcast. He’s a veteran of over 50 15-30-year strategic planning projects. You’ll also hear about the Long-Term Strategy Conference coming up in June 2024. It’s all-virtual.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find ways to improve your proficiency in long-term strategic planning, using techniques which have a 15-30-year reach.

For-Profits, Family-Owned Companies – How to rid yourself of short-termism once and for all in the top ranks.

Non-Profits, NGOs, Governmental Organizations – How to devise long-term plans in order to implement game-changing commitments like the SDGs.

P.S. Missed the webinar? Click here for information on the replay.