Webinar – The Path to Lofty Visions: Principles for Credible Long-Term Strategic Planning

Your organization has set some lofty goals. They are truly aspirational – long-term in nature, and impossible to achieve via business-as-usual operations.

But you see a yawning gap between the actions needed to accomplish a lofty vision and current efforts.

It’s as if a silent “Build It and They Will Come” attitude has taken hold, fostering a belief that ordinary, status-quo activity will somehow produce transformed results.

Some think it’s because people aren’t inspired. You may agree, but you think it runs deeper than a matter of excitement and emotions.

Your suspicion? Staff and Board aren’t taking extraordinary measures because there is no credible, long-term strategic plan connecting the same lofty goals with daily activities.

Without that vital link, how can anyone truly believe those bold visions will be realized?

If this resonates, don’t miss the upcoming webinar leading up the conference in just a few weeks.

Date – June 6th, 2024 at 11:30am UCT-5/Central
Link – https://strategyconf.fwconsulting.com/path-to-lofty-visions

The presenter will be Francis Wade, veteran of 50+ long-term strategic planning retreats conducted over two decades. Each one has spanned 15-30-year planning horizons. He’ll be sharing from an ongoing study examining strategic planning steps such as:

  • Creative BackCasting
  • The First Share
  • Short-Term Strategy Mapping
  • Project Carve-Outs
  • Non-Linear Sponsorship

He’ll address the challenges so you won’t be able to return to the way you used to see them.

For-Profits, Family-Owned Companies – How to create faraway futures that are grounded to a reality that people already trust in.

Non-Profits, NGOs, Governmental Organizations – How to bring your aspirations down from the clouds into an implementable reality

Seize this learning opportunity and a chance to learn more about the Long-Term Strategic Planning Conference on June 20-21.