As a member of the Caribbean business community, you probably have never known a more challenging time. Sure, there have been difficulties related to oil crises, recessions and political challenges.

But the region (and the world) has not faced such a sustained setback since the World Wars.

The reaction of most business leaders has been to defend. Reduce lost revenues. Curb spending. Stop employee productivity losses. Offer discounts. Scramble to retain supply chains. And more.

But this conference is different. We want to focus on playing offense. That is, we want your company to look to the future.

However, you may be right to ask…”How can we do so, in times which are subsumed by a deadly pandemic, record-breaking inflation, and a war?”

Frankly, there is no trivial A-B-C answer, convenient meme or simplistic cliche to offer. But there are guidelines. 

At the conference, our presenters and panelists will be sharing the best knowledge from around the world being used to craft innovative solutions in these difficult times. These principles are emerging…being developed in real-time. And if your company isn’t a natural winner (such as the manufacturers of PPE) you may need to use them to thrive. They fall into two buckets.


The pandemic has brought a level of continuous anxiety that is more akin to a global conflict than anything else you have experienced. Staff members have lost loved ones, become afraid of close gatherings, and annoyed at those who treat the threat of COVID-19 differently.

As such, they have been distracted and fearful. Perhaps, so have you.

But the winners of the future will be those who inspire themselves and their various stakeholders: customers, board members, employees, suppliers, etc. They want to feel confident that you, as a leader, know what you’re doing.

Are they willing to follow you in these difficult times? The best leaders are creating emotional outcomes.


Now, more than ever, your staff want to do more than play defense – protecting gains made in years past. But they have gotten into the habit of scanning the horizon for bad news. They have become great firefighters and know how to rally to put out the next blaze.

However, you want them to innovate for the future. The tumultuous times have done more than close doors. A whole bunch have been flung open. Old assumptions have fallen away. A number of seemingly solid, reliable patterns of thought have been dissolved.

This all points to a number of opportunities which never existed before. But how does your team take advantage of them?

As a leader, we intend to offer you concrete steps for creating a game-changing strategy. You should be able to follow them the day the conference is over, one activity after another until you complete the process.

At the end, you should have a strategic plan the entire team feels proud to executive in the latter part of 2022 or in 2023. While it probably will be challenging, it won’t come from fear or desperation. It will be inspired.


We are carefully designing the conference to meet emotional and practical objectives. They’ll require you to do a lot of work – there’s no way around it – but you’ll be using the best thinking available. Ideas about being inspiring and creating breakthrough strategies during periods of prolonged duress and economic challenge are just emerging. You can count on us to create an environment that brings these two together.

Register today to start the process. Your immediate commitment will make all the difference.