Webinar: 3 Mistakes HR Makes in Corporate Strategic Planning Retreats

You’re an HR Manager who is aspiring to a seat at the table, or maybe you’re already there. You want to make an impact and have the executives understand the power of HR.

But before you even arrive at the first meeting, there’s a perception in the way.

Traditionally, HR has been seen as reactive. The first area to be cut when times are hard. Relatively unimportant.

It shows up when you, the HR Manager, starts his/her presentation in the strategic planning retreat. Attention lapses. Executives start to check messages. At some point, someone even rolls their eyes.

What is going on? Is it all their fault or are hidden mistakes being made? Could you be shut out if this situations isn’t corrected?

Unfortunately, from my experience facilitating retreats for a couple of decades, there is room for concern.

In this interactive webinar, you’ll understand the 3 mistakes HR Managers need to overcome to make a profound impact. Come to gain an awareness of what your (future) colleagues are thinking, but not saying…and why. You may also find ways to change their preconceptions before and after the retreat. This paves the way to your success in future high-stake meetings.

Sponsored by CaribbeanJobs.com

Lunchtime Thursday June 16th, 11:30am Ja / 12:30pm T&T
Presenter: Francis Wade (Jamaica)