Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg on Making Big Bets Using a 15 Year Planning Horizon

Francis here.

This past week we completed a webinar on setting long-term goals in your strategic planning. You probably have thought about the wisdom of this kind of thinking, but don’t know if it would work in your company.

Case in point: In this video exchange, Tim Ferriss asks Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg what it’s like to make “long-term bets”. In particular, he’s asking about the “15-year roadmap for Metaverse.”

Zuckerberg shares why it’s not easy, and why it shouldn’t be. In fact, he thinks the discomfort long-term bets generate is something he has learned to welcome, and embrace.

(Click on the videos as if you were reading, from left to right, then move to the next line. Each clip will loop until you hit pause due to a YouTube glitch.)