Webinar: BackCasting for Big Strategies

As a leader, you are a bit nervous about making public commitments to Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). You fear that from the moment they are announced, people’s eyes will start rolling. Their “Here-We-Go-Again” impulse kicks in, dooming the aspiration to the dust.

But if you could convince staff that your vision of the future is based on credible plans, they might give you more of their trust. Perhaps if you could paint a picture of the pathway from here to the destination, some might jump on board.

Is there a way to offer such a plan…using metrics?

To find out, register for this unique webinar on backcasting. We’ll be discussing the Merlin Process and how it uses this technique to connect the future to the present.

The plans which result are being used to replace vague vision statements, with concrete, feasible steps towards a detailed future. To help make this clear, we’ll pull from a study of 50+ 15-30 year strategic plans which used this method over a two decade span.

We’ll also show how backcasting helps accomplish ESG and other sustainability goals.

When: 12:30pm Eastern, Wed June 7, 2023
Where: https://bit.ly/strategy-credible-bcast

Join Francis Wade, veteran of interwoven short/long-term strategic planning retreats in this introduction to this essential approach.
NB – Space is limited so put this event in your calendar with an alarmed reminder so you can be among the first to arrive.

It’s all part of the leadup to the Sustainable Strategic Planning Conference 2023 taking place on June 22-23.