Speaker Lineup

You are surrounded by people who believe that organizations don’t need long-term strategic plans. Where? On your board. Your management team. Your office. Your client’s RFP’s. Linkedin. 

But you’re not so sure. However, some doubts have crept in, causing you to question yourself…just a little.

The good news is that help is on the way.

My team and I have pulled together the finest group of experts ever assembled to tackle this issue. We agree that there are three big complaints about interwoven short/long-term strategic planning.

  1. “It takes too long to complete.” Some organizations are taking months, and others over a year, to do the job.
  2. “It’s too hard.” If a simple 5-year plan takes a 4-day retreat filled with disagreements, then a 15-year plan might end up in a bigger fight.
  3. “It’s not flexible.” Long-term plans cannot keep up with the VUCA world. So don’t even bother. Just try to be as agile as possible.

You may agree that the short-termism which results from these myths is far worse than the complaints. But you may need more than a personal belief to provide the leadership your organization needs to get rid of the problem.

To help you make a strong case for big visions, BHAGs, ESG and inspiring strategic intent, I have assembled the following cast of experts.

You may not know everyone on the list, but they represent a formidable assembly of global talent on strategic thinking. I’d love to tell you more about each of them, and the topics they will be tackling at the conference.

But let’s leave that for another message or an update once you register.

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The countdown has begun!